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Why (Real) Books Are Great

via the Strand and soon to be on a tote bag

…but it’s still nice to see you, old friend.


do you ever dream about something rly twisted and uncomfortable and then you wake up and just sort of





Orphan Black, the show where the scariest character is a soccer mom and the cutest one is a religious extremist sociopath & serial killer.


My First Giveaway!  Very low key…. Here are the guildlines:

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  • Reblog as many times as you wish, likes not counted HOWEVER TO  ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY YOU MUST: reblog this post one time a day, every day for only one week.  So thats 5 reblogs total, anytime just 5 different days minimum.  
  • I’m allowed to cancel the giveaway anytime for any possible reason like you cannot hold me to it, but obviously I don’t want to cancel it… I’m just talking extreme circumstance or something.


ONE LUCKY WINNER HAS THE CHANCE TO WIN A SIGNED FIRST EDITION HARD COVER COPY OF CLOCKWORK PRINCESS that has the family tree and is brand new… (pictured in photos 2-4) and the shadow hunter’s codex in hardcover… brand new

I read CP but never the codex… I lost interest in the series by then.  But CP was one of my faves!  I bought CP for $35 because of a special promo back then, I remember! And the codex was a gift. If anyone’s wondering!

All you have to do is reblog this post one time a day, every day for only one (work) week.  So thats 5 reblogs total, anytime just 5 different days minimum.  

I don’t think many people will be doing this, so I’m sure there’s a great chance of winning. I am doing this for fun, as I’ve been on tumblr for almost 3 years and my anniversary is fast approaching (2-3 days i think) and my blog (believe it or not) started off as a TMI blog… although I don’t really love the series as much as I used to anymore.  I still look back and remember my love for them.

Giveaway ends September 6th 2014! 

PS: I probs missed something, All posts related to this will be found here. Keep updated at your own discretion! All news will be there its your responsibility to check :)


I uploaded them oddly the first time! Here they are, now they can be saved and downloaded! Enjoy! (The Infernal Devices are coming up soon)







boys still call girls weak but many girls voluntarily pull parts of their own eyebrows off their faces by sheer force on a regular basis who the hell do they think they’re calling weak

#dont even get me started on bikini waxing


liquid eyeliner


dealing with boys. 


HP Genderswap: The Big Seven 

Felicity Jones as Harry Potter, Lily Cole as Ron Weasley, Daniel Sharman as Hermione Granger, Saoirse Ronan as Draco Malfoy, Cameron Monaghan as Ginny Weasley, Anna Popplewell as Neville Longbottom, Jamie Campbell Bower as Luna Lovegood



families [1/2]

→ lightwood

The Lightwoods are a very old and very powerful family of Shadowhunters. They have lived in London, Idris, and New York at different periods of time, often with high positions in the Clave. Throughout history, the Lightwoods were known for their snobbish attitudes and disdain towards Downworlders and mundanes. Over time, however, they have become more tolerant and accepting of Downworlders. The family currently resides in the New York Institute. The symbol of the Lightwood family is a torch or flames.



Pallas Cat Kittens - 5 months old

how are these even real??

I’m worried about me. 

I’m not in school, I’m not working, I’m sleeping on my ex-girlfriend’s bedroom floor. Pretty much all I got going for me right now is whooping your zombie ass.